While Mexico is the kidnapping capital of the world, the second highest frequency in the world occurs in the United States in Phoenix, Arizona. All of it is concentrated in the illegal immigrant community. Law enforcement estimates that the reported cases may represent only a third of the total.

Perpetrators of this hideous crime are violent and heavily armed.

This is why we can not ignore the problem breeding on our southern borders. Just as we are not surprised that the violence in the Mexican drug culture has spread to illegal populations in the United States, we can not be surprised when it carries over to neighboring populations.

Part of this crime wave may be due to increased success in stopping the drug trade, pushing the dealers to seek alternative income streams.

The response of our police to this epidemic must be swift and strong. We must distinguish between legal immigration, which I support, and the illegal immigration that overwhelms our social and law enforcement capabilities.

Terrible economies contribute to this tragedy, but we must take immediate actions to protect our own cities, while we seek longer term diplomatic solutions to Mexico’s inability to maintain a stable and safe society.

Get used to seeing police with M-16s slung across their back. And get ready for far more serious border restraints, including walls.