I posted 616 entries in 2008, compared to 318 in 2007, but I started in March of 2007, blogging about my trip to Israel at the time. This blogging thing has morphed and I am sure it will continue to do so.

This blog is a journal to me and I attempt to include articles and perspectives that are of interest to me. I try to avoid a rehash of the headlines and I tend to find the contrarian opinions more interesting. I also try to avoid much of the rumors that circulate the internet, but occasionally I fell to also being a victim of my own beliefs.

I like to share some of the books I read. I do not read a lot of fiction. I read 29 books in 2008, 34 in 2007, not including magazines and articles and tons of postings on the web. I still have a day job that is often pretty demanding.

I also try to keep the entries as short as possible- focusing on a single point- sometimes a single sentence. When I find another viewpoint I will give it credit though I will usually only post necessary excerpts.
I try to avoid characterization of left and right. I am considered conservative on economics, though I prefer a realist label. I would be considered a liberal on many social issues (gay marriage, drug laws, racial and religious tolerance) though I would prefer a label of acceptance or tolerance. I would be considered conservative on a few issues such as 2nd amendment rights.

I do not know if there is a right or left side in foreign affairs. We have an important place in world affairs even though we may handle it awkwardly. As Steven Covey would say we need to understand in order to be understood.

I believe the Jews should have one place in the world where they are not a minority and can live in peace. Apparently that is a lot to ask for.

We bloggers get to decide what is worth covering, rather than some editorial board. While there is junk out there, some very interesting blogs rise to the top. When I find one I usually add it to the Recommended Sites on the bottom left.

I appreciate those who read the blog realizing many do not agree with many of my postings. I write more to learn than to teach and hopefully I conveyed something you may not have seen or heard before.

I hope every one has a safe and healthy 2009 and that you continue to visit Rebel Yid.

I am sure it will be an interesting year.