Different from previous Israeli responses to previous aggression is a well coordinated media front. For decades Israel’s successes on the battlefield were undone by failures in media management.

After the carnage in Mumbai especially the targeted Chabbad house and deliberate selection and murders of Jewish civilians, there may be less sympathy for Hamas. Still there is a deliberate and unified message coming from various Israeli agencies; a preparation and review of the media front in this campaign.

The French Le Figaro found that 55% of French respondents were understanding of the Israeli operation vs, 45% who were critical. France which has the third largest Jewish population behind the US and Israel also has a large Muslim population and has not generally been supportive of Israel.

Still there is much criticism such as from the British Guardian comparing the assault to the infamous Deir Yassin and Sabra and Shatilla. ( both of these examples of Israeli ‘brutality’ have been poorly understood and reported.)

There is still controversy over journalists’ access to Gaza and it remains to be seen if the relatively favorable coverage will hold as the campaign continues.