200 people killed in Gaza by Israeli attacks. Exactly how long did the Palestinians in Gaza suppose that they could indiscriminately lob missiles into a sovereign nation before they took action into their own hands?

What nation would have tolerated years and thousand of missiles fired into their civilian towns? What action has the UN taken to stop the firing of missiles from Gaza into Israel?

Israel had abandoned Gaza in hope of some semblance of peace. Hamas was elected and they clearly had no intentions of any peace that included a sovereign Israel.

Israel’s actions should be as ferocious as necessary to bring the rocket attacks to a complete halt. The blood of every Palestinian killed is 100% on the hands of Hamas.

Short term ferocity is the only humane way to fight a war. As noted in previous blogs, the international press’s anti Zionist leanings has made the attacks more ferocious and brutal to accomplish their objectives. The wars must be harsh and fast before public forums are able to effectively bring their pressure against Israel.