Oil prices are falling faster and further than anyone imagined. The earth is actually cooling rather than warming. The hottest recent year was 1930, before most of man’s ‘carbon footprint’ existed. The period of 2000- 2008 is one that is slightly cooling.

All of the political capital for the Kyoto accords seems wasted. The alarmists warned of American arrogance for rejecting Kyoto and – holy shit- America was right. How could it be? Bush stood against world opinion and was correct. Tell me it isn’t so.

Just as the finest minds in DC and Wall Street engineered a financial catastrophe, suspending common sense for financial and political gain; so the quasi scientific community suspended the basic principals of scientific inquiry to extract political power from weak anecdotal evidence.

Giving Al Gore a Nobel Prize for this hogwash is as perverse as giving Arafat a Nobel Prize for Peace.