I just watched on C Span a moderated discussion between Conservative David Frum and Democratic consultant and writer Bob Shrum.

Both men were intelligent and could give a historical perspective to the current political debate.

There was no shouting, interrupting, or loud talking over.

There was no name calling. No one was called a moron, stupid, or an idiot. There was genuine and informed disagreement but no disrespect, cynicism and sarcasm.

There were great insights and perpsectives from both sides and both were comfortable enough to look inward at their views and acknowledge mistakes and problems and grayness.

Questions from the audience were also respectful. The moderator asked very penetrating questions.

This kind of debate is almost entirely missing from the political discourse. Rage and fear dominate the language and way too many of my in bound e-mails. News reports and interviews are cut to such short segments that insights are absent.

I would love to see far more political shows like this one.