Pollster John Zogby’s new book, “The Way We’ll Be” is loaded with interesting insights to America’s voting and buying patterns.

“In 2004, when John Kerry lost the popular vote by only 3%, he lost among weekly Wal-Mart shoppers by a whopping 76% to 24%. Meanwhile those who told they “never” shop at Wal-Mart went just the opposite direction, voting 80% for Kerry and 18% for Bush.”


Conservatives prefer Wal-Mart, then Sears (57-16), JC Penny (50-21), Kohl’s (50-23), Boscov’s (53-26), and Kaufman’s (46-29).

Liberals prefer Filene’s (51-29), Bloomingdale’s (48-26), Macy’s (42-32), Neiman Marcus (39-30), and Target (39-36). (We hear about the “rich” Republicans, but it seems the Liberals prefer the high ticket retailers- maybe that is why the Republicans are rich.)

Zogby excluded Bass Pro Shop. I guess it was just too obvious.