According to Intrade Mitt Romney is the likely VP nominee for John McCain. Intrade had Biden in the lead in the weeks up to the recent Obama announcement.

Personally I think Romney will do more for McCain than Biden will for Obama.

Obama praised Biden as a true statesman. Yet this ‘statesman’ voted for the war in Iraq and unlike Hillary and Edwards, defended his vote, rather than abandon ship as soon as the war got difficult and they needed votes.

Obama’s core nominating consituency centered on his opposition to the war, yet he now nominates one of the war’s supporters. How will this stand with his core? He stands for “change” yet he chooses a consumate insider.

Biden is better qualified than Obama, but Biden also speaks from the hip and this can be akward when the entire media and blogosphere is ready to pounce on every gaffe.

Romney will clarify McCain. Biden will confuse many of Obama’s supporters. Romney will support McCain in perceived weak areas such as the economy and the candidate’s age. Biden is so much more experienced than Obama that he may serve to highlight Obama’s inexperience and weakness.