Universal Healthcare means government controlled health care rationing. Rationing means that you do not get as much of something as you would like. Rationing means that some get more than they otherwise would and some would get less. Call it what what you would like- it is rationing.

Raising the capital gains tax rates means increasing the tax on investment.

A tax on dividends is a tax on capital investment.

Raising the upper end tax rate means a tax on investment.

If you raise the tax on investment you will get…. follow me here…… less investment. Jobs are created by….. stay with me……. investment. So a tax on investment is a tax on creating new jobs.Now this is the part that redistributionists just simply refuse to believe. The wealthy can only wear one shirt at a time. They can only buy so many homes, so many watches. But most rich people do not live like the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. They live well, but well below their means. What do they do with the money they do not spend? They either A- give it away to charity or B- invest it.

Again when they invest it – it buys equipment that requires new workers to run it thus creating jobs.This is where the parties differ: The Democrats believe the way to stimulate the economy is to take money away from the rich and then give it to poor people. The poor will spend the money…. this gets tricky so pay close attention…… on something sold to them by the rich. And thus the economy will grow.But with higher taxes the rich may decide to clip coupons instead of risking it. Hence no job growth.

The Republicans believe that you grow an economy by expanding production which requires investment. Low capital gains frees up capital to go to its most productive use. One noted business economist (Kudlow) estimated that 70% of new job growth came from production spending as opposed to consumer spending.

I remember asking a local wealthy real estate tycoon why he drove an 8 year old Buick when he could afford any car. His response, “I don’t like to put my money in things that depreciate.”

Finally – get real specific what rich is. If a middle income couple sells the home they have lived in for 40 years and realizes a $300,000 gain are they now rich? Will Obama now tax them like they are?