I keep getting some preposterous e-mails about Obama. I recently got one that was a supposed article by Maureen Dowd about Obama getting millions of dollars through the internet from Saudi sources. Dowd never wrote the article, but the e-mail cut and pasted her picture and made it look as if it was copied from the New York Times.

I have received a supposed e-mail from a US soldier in Afghanstan about how Obama ‘blew off’ the soldiers when he visited. It was made to look like a forwarded e-mail from a regular grunt.
It is also false.

I realize that a lot of conservatives don’t like Obama so strongly that they will believe anything negative about him. Both of these stories and many others can be easily discredited at http://www.snopes.com/. Just type in the article heading. Be a little responsible.

I do not support Obama, but there are plenty of reasons in his stated policies, his 180 degree shifts on about 80% of his positions, and his utter lack of leadership experience on anything other than getting elected.