McCain will defeat Obama by 6 % points. McCain will be propelled by significant reduction in troop deployments and successes in Iraq. Obama will suffer further setbacks after debates with McCain.

Oil will be below $100 per barrel in 6 months. High prices will deflate when market absorbs news of new supplies, and financially sound alternatives; particularly improvements in battery technology.

The mortgage banking debacle will bottom on the news of several consolidations and purchases of regional banks by larger players, one of them being Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and its companies.

Food prices will spike on the Midwestern floods, but will recover quicker than the market expects and drops below current costs.

Interest rates will slowly but steadily climb as the dollar recovers strength, oil prices reverse their climb, and speculative premiums disappear in commodities.

The price of hybrids will fall as production increases to satisfy higher demand and the costs of better battery technologies are spread over the larger consumer base. New delivery systems and business models will also reduce the price of battery driven automobiles.

Democrats will cave on the energy front and support more domestic drilling, more refining capacity and more nuclear power plants. This will happen largely as a result of these energy issues becoming the forefront of the election, and will be seen as a major reason for Obama’s defeat.

Global warming will become a dead issue under new evidence and climate trends. It will quietly go away as every other environmental doomsday scenario has.

A new model for higher education will start to make current college institutional structures obsolete, as higher tuition costs do not translate into better educations and the college value paradigms collapse.

Foreign language education becomes a booming business.

Iran unseats Ahmadinejad and adopts a more pro western stance, but still out of pride does not want to reverse its progress on atomic energy. The political change will be viewed as the most successful application of an economic boycott in history.