I just got back from Cincinnati where I went to the Creationist Museum. (Actually it is in Hebron, KY.) I was expecting some hole in the wall attempt to promote the dismissal of evolution. This is a very substantial museum with a full staff, a big parking lot, and it was well attended. I would estimate the construction cost to easily be $5 million.

You can see a display of the ark under construction and see movies about the dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark. No I am not kidding. If the earth is only 6,000 years old and man was created in the first week, then dinosaurs must have been around at the time of Adam and Eve, which is also on display.

If you start with the premise that the bible is the word of God and must be taken literally then you end up bending every other discipline to fit that assumption or risk losing your faith.

Faith and science are like math and history; they can coexist without substantiating each other. Science explains the way things work and faith describes who we should be.

The United States has more people who accept creationism that any other industrialized country. Some find this of concern. I guess this is OK as long as there are enough free thinkers to keep scientific progress in play.

I think the museum is available for Bar and Bat Mitzvah receptions, but there are none booked yet.

Tips to David Cassesa for taking me.