I have written a few postings on Obama’s idea of negotiating with rogue states without preconditions. Obama’s historical references are weak and if fully examined contradict his point. It is yet another case where one tries to substitute intelligence for experience and insight.

Charles Krauthammer adds his analyis.

May 23, 2008 12:00 AM
Gaffes Rule
The Obama Doctrine is to treat with America’s enemies.
By Charles Krauthammer


There are always contacts through back channels or intermediaries. Iran, for example, has engaged in five years of talks with our closest European allies and the International Atomic Energy Agency, to say nothing of the hundreds of official U.S. statements outlining exactly what we would give them in return for suspending uranium enrichment.

Obama pretends that while he is for such “engagement,” the cowboy Republicans oppose it. Another absurdity. No one is debating the need for contacts. The debate is over the stupidity of elevating rogue states and their tyrants, easing their isolation, and increasing their leverage by granting them unconditional meetings with the president of the world’s superpower.

As every seasoned diplomat knows, the danger of a summit is that it creates enormous pressure for results. And results require mutual concessions. That is why conditions and concessions are worked out in advance, not on the scene.