Internet blogs bring infinite opinions and some depth to the political process for those who seek it. It also brings endless YouTube clips of every gaffe from every candidate. While the abscence of ‘professional journalistic’ standards is also a liability, it seems that the quality of opinion still rises to the top.

What little I view on the TV and sometimes hear on radio seems to appeal more to rage than intellect. This is true of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, but even more to Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Arriana Huffington amongst others.

Fox, CNN and MSNBC replay and analyze every gaffe from Ferraro and Hillary for days. They focus on racism and sexism as if actual political stances are meaningless. I hear very little about actual positions and when they do it is with minimal depth or intent to truly understand.

Rage and dogma suppress thinking and understanding, and the media is more inclined to feed rage rather than promote understanding.

I honestly believe Americans in the red states and the blue states are ready for a black president, a woman president, a Jewish president, a hispanic president, even a Muslim president. Their history, their relationships, their character, their experience, and their principles and positions are what counts.