Bill Clinton beat George H. Bush largely by claiming that he neglected domestic policy in favor of foreign considerations.

Clinton went to the other extreme. Woolsey at CIA, Les Aspin as Secretary of Defense , and Warren Christopher as Secretary of State had little access to the president, and Clinton was often not at important meetings dealing with foreign affairs.

He floundered in Bosnia with a policy rejected by the Europeans, and he was unprepared for and humiliated by the developments in Somalia. His weak policy encouraged a humiliation in Haiti before Carter, Nunn and Powell avoided a military assault that was already underway.

Recoiling from the fear of engagement both the US and the UN sat by while the slaughter in Rwanda progressed unchecked. Our impotent cut and run policies encouraged Bin Laden in his strike at the US.

Foreign policy is difficult and complicated. Nuclear nationalism has been replaced by tribal and religious intolerance. Hatred has replaced power as the driver of international policy.

Foreign policy must be clear and beyond partisanship. We can not accept a candidate with unclear objectives and lack of experience. Hope and change is no substitute for clarity and understanding.