I have commented how screwed up the Democratic Party is; from their Rube Goldberg micromanaging Superdelegate system to their authoritarian denial to seat Michigan and Florida delegates.

A few writers have also referred to the George McGovern Effect. This postulates that the Democratic nomination process is controlled too much by the far left wing of the party and thus keeps nominating candidates that can not win in the general election.

Clinton was an exception, but remember that even Bill received less than half of the vote and got the benefit of Ross Perot who received strong support from Republicans dismayed over George H. Bush’s betrayal of his ‘no tax increase’ pledge. Faced with the Republican revolution half way into his first term, Clinton quickly adapted and governed far closer to the center.

Obama, if he wins the primary and it seems likely he will, will go down like another McGovern. Hillary’s move to the center like her rejection of MoveOn.org, comes too late in the campaign to save her.