In fabricatrion and production the most important point to operate efficiently is to avoid interruptions; they can increase the amount of time to complete a task by a factor of ten.

Group like tasks together. Close your door and have your calls held. Complete your tasks and then return your calls and e-mails. You will get much more done.

Cell phones and Blackberries should be turned off at meetings, not merely set on vibrate. If you are too busy to answer the phone, then do not answer it. Do not answer it, and then say you are too busy to talk.

I even had a friend call recently to discuss an important issue on his mind and then quickly end the call in mid sentence (his) to take another call. If you do not have time to call me then do not call me. I have plenty to do.

The more accessible and inexpensive a new technology is the more likely it will be used very innefficiently.