Carter is like a case of diplomatic herpes; he is embarassing and never seems to go totally away.
It is comforting to know that Syria and Hamas is so willing to bring peace, if those pesky Israelis just would not be so paranoid about their survival and just give up more land. Certainly their withdrawal from Sinai and Gaza has done so much to prove that peace will come when they stopping being greedy about all that land they occupy in the Middle East.
A few questions for our deranged ex president:
Would you rather be an Arab or Muslim living in Israel or a Jew living in Syria or Gaza? (or Saudi Arabai, Kuwait, Iraq or Iran or Egypt?)
When most of the Arab countries surrounding Israel are religiously intolerant to any belief other than Islam, why do you not refer to them as ‘apartheid’?
When the Arab world expelled 800,000 Jews after the 1948 War of Independence, why did you not condemn them for ethnic cleansing or apartheid?
Why do you not insist that any Arab country recognize the sovereignty of Israel as a basic condition of peace?
Why do you condemn ‘undue’ Jewish influence in American politics for merely participating in the political process, yet you willingly accept millions of dollars from Arab nationals for your Carter Center (which you seem so reluctant to acknowledge) ?
Why do you believe you can accomplish diplomatic miracles when you are long out of office (Thank God!) when your own performance in office was a string of disasters?