1945 to 2008: A Lesson From Dresden

by Eliav Bar-Hai, INN
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It is a mistake to call our conflict a war on terror. It is a war against nations that support terror against European and Western Democracies including Israel. It is an existential war and it can ONLY be won with military means; there is no political solution. The road to WW II was paved with political solutions.

The attacks on largely civilian targets like Dresden came after the military conflict was largely won. The attacks were designed to break the will of the populace and end the war quicker.


This phenomenal carnage was not “collateral damage” (a euphemism for inadvertent killing of civilians), but targeted mass annihilation of civilian populations for its morale-weakening contribution to a military effort. The ultimate political goal of the above military effort was to destroy Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan – two nations whose organized national purpose, supported by their civilian populations, was willful imperialism by force and large-scale killing.

Second, the Allies in World War II ultimately realized – in contrast to another modern mantra: “There is no military solution – only a political solution” – that existential wars have only military solutions, which dictate the political reshuffling that follows. In the wake of the “political solutions” early on in Hitler’s methodical push to take over Europe, which strengthened Germany with Austria, the Sudetenland and Czechoslavakia, and Japan with southeast Asia, the Allies belatedly focused on military victory.