Jimmy Carter got 87% of the Jewish vote and is considered to have been hostile towards Israeli interests. (Some historians believe the agreement with Egypt may have happened in spite of Carter more than because of him- but that is another story.) His recent writings against Israel show that his anti Israeli animosity has remained.

George W. Bush received few Jewish votes yet has been one of Israel’s strongest supporters. James Baker, Secretary of State for his father, once commented about Jewish pressure on George H, “Fuck the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyway.”

So how do we explain this dichotomy between the pro Israeli stance of US presidents and the Jews who vote for them? The answer is that the Christian Evangelists are a critical factor in the Republican Party and an ignored demonized group in the Democratic Party. It was the Christian evangelists who wielded the greater pressure on the two Bush presidents in their Israeli policy.

Jews do have influence in the Democratic Party, but I believe it is more diluted than the evangelist influence in the Republican Party.

Of course Walt and Mearsheimer totally missed this obvious relation in their anti Semitic screed with an academic mask, because they were focused on finding fault with Jews.

The irony here is that almost any Republican will tend to be more pro Israeli because of the strong support and influence of the Christian Zionists, yet I still expect the Jews to vote more Democratic. (Less so if Obama is the candidate).

America is supporting Israel, not because of Jewish pressure, but in spite of it.