I took the domestic goddess to the Capital Grille in Atlanta for her birthday last week. It was a last minute decision and we had no reservation. As is her necessary habit she inquired about gluten free items. The waitress was very friendly as you would expect in a first class restaurant.

After dinner she brought Debbie a slice of carrot cake with a single candle. Debbie thanked her, but politely declined because she can not eat wheat products. The waitress explained that it was gluten free.

Debbie commented “I did not know that you had gluten free on the menu.”

The waitress, Karen Silverman, had gone down the block to Whole Foods while we ate our main course and bought the cake. After we paid the bill she also gave Debbie a container of gluten free scones to take back to the room to eat for breakfast.

I do not impress easily, but Karen set a new standard in my experience.

The Capital Grille is on 255 East Paces Ferry Road near the intersection of Peachtreee and West Pces Ferry. Great food. Great view. And a new standard in service.