The Democrats have a problem and it is of their own construction.

The superdelegate system was designed to overcome a populist movement; in other words in lack of trust of the popular vote. This is ironic in light of their claim that Bush stole the election that he lost by a popular vote. The Democratic Party’s system was designed to specifically overcome a popular vote that their elite opposed.

If Hillary is able to use the superdelegates to overcome Obama, his supporters will feel justifiably disenfranchised. If the superdelegates refuse to undo the popular vote than why have them?
The superdelegate is an invention of the Democrats, and is not used by the Republicans.

The decision not to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida was again an effort by the central Democratic authority to control, even micromanage, the decisions by the state parties. This particular decision may cost Hillary the nomination. If she succeeds in seating these delegates (not likely) against the previous decisions, then again the Obama camp will feel robbed. It may also impact whether those states go to John McCain in the general election and could cost them the White House.

Why are the Democratic party leaders so unwilling to trust the voters in their own party?