Defending or even praising the state of affairs in Iraq and the Middle East is like arguing whether mustard based or honey based bar-B-Q sauce tastes better on a turd.

But ‘World War IV’ by Norman Podhorertz makes a solid intellectual case for the Bush Doctrine. It is worth noting what a strong change in foreign policy that was.

In today’s American Thinker, James Lewis, makes his case for the success and the decision to attack Iraq. I encourage you to read entire article.

An excerpt:

The strategic icing on the cake of the Iraq War is that Iran is now nearly surrounded by American-dominated countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, the Gulf (where the US Navy rules the waves), Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, and for a possible tip of the spear, Israel. We may not be able to stop Iran’s nukes, but we now have sophisticated anti-missile defenses in every country in the Gulf, on the seas, in likely target countries like Israel, and even on the missile trajectory to Europe. Result: The oil supply remains safe, guarded by the US Navy and other US assets.

It appears that real clarity on Bush’s mideast policy is way in the future. But it does irk me to hear moronic talking heads (Bill Maher) that fail to see beyond yesterday’s casualty headlines.