These words are politically correct code words for those who refuse to refute the murderous terrorism of the Palestinians and the various agencies who continuously seek the destruction of Israel. The users of these phrases find no terrorist act that is not excusable or, and no Israeli act of self defense that is justifiable.

Obama and his advisors feign to support Israel but argue for an even handed approach to the Israel and Palestinian morass.


Murderers, who target civilians, shoot students in the library, blow up Passover Seders in hotels, and kill innocent men, women and children in pizza parlors should not be treated with an even handed approach. Those who glorify the killers with martyrdom, launch missiles into residential areas, and then claim this is justified by Israeli attacks to defend itself or bring the murderers to justice do not deserve an even handed approach. The result of such twisted convolutions of moral equivalency only serves to rationalize and thus encourage more terrorism.

When Israel retaliates she is accused of using disproportionate force. This criticism uttered by Jimmy Carter and others, somehow preaches that if your enemy launches 100 rockets at you, it would be unfair and disproportionate to launch 200 rockets back. Defense against an act of war should not, according to Carter, cause more deaths to the perpetrators than they caused when you were attacked.

Bullshit, again. Under Carter’s prescription wars would never end.

When you are fighting an evil, your approach should not be even handed and proportionate. Should we have taken an even handed approach to Hitler and Britain, to North and South Korea, or to Kuwait and Saddam Hussein?

War is a the last resort of a peace loving country. To some countries and cultures it is a religious calling. When you face an enemy that preaches and breeds your total destruction into their youth, and reject any notions of civilized rules of war you reject any sense of even handedness and you use whatever disproportionate force you can afford to defeat them as totally and as quickly as possible.

It is the only humane way to fight a war.

HKO 3/26/08