Much has been said of Obama’s intelligence. Oprah said he is brilliant. While he appears an intelligent politician and a personal class act, much more is required for the office he is seeking.

Kennedy was surrounded with some of the most intelligent people ever assembled in the White House. VP Johnson commented how each person he met was smarter than the next. Yet these advisors delivered the Bay of Pigs and the entry into Viet Nam.

Your intelligence will serve you well when you can islolate a problem and have the time to ponder the sides. But when you must decide quickly with less than all of the facts, without sleep or food for extended periods you must rely on conviction, principles and a moral center to guide you.

Reagan may have not been the most intelligent president but he had enough conviction and faith in his tax policy to stay with his program in spite of constant derision from the media and even members of his own party. (George H. Bush called it voodoo economics.) Reagan was vindicated with an economic success that lasted 25 years.

Does the candidate believe in property rights, the rights and supremacy of the individual,and the free market or does he believe in statist solutions and elitist control.

It is more important to know a candidate’s stand on basic principles than his IQ.