Obama has won the last ten states and he just won DC, VA, and MD with stunning margins, nearly doubling Hillary’s vote count in every state. He won almost every minority group, even the women in some states.

My opinion: Hillary’s victory seemed inevitable just a few months ago. Yet Obama has sucked huge support from celebrities and party icons like the Kennedys. After an early victory support just poured in; the party was hungry for an alternative to the return of the Clintons. The more he won the more support he got and every victory was by a wider and wider margin.

The candidate who was treated as an icon, like party royalty, is now treated like a tumor that needs to be excised for the health of the party. The Clinton’s history of campaign fraud, non disclosure, hiring felons (Sandy Berger), race bating, shamelss lies, and petty theatrics (“pimping by Chelsea”) has caught up with them.

Just my opinion but I have long thought that the Democratic Party would be much better without the Clintons.