I took my daughter to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana this weekend to look around again. At the airport the guy checking baggage verified, “You both going to Bloomington?”

I was surprised because usually we flew into Indianapolis and drove the 50 miles to Bloomington. But I figured I must have put the final destination in the search spot on the Delta online reservations and accidently booked us straight into Bloomington, not even realizing they had an airport.

“Great”, I thought, we will save an hour drive.

We landed, got the rental car, put on the GPS and started driving. I could not figure out why the GSP took us right upon exiting the airport when the sign to Bloomington pointed left. Then we could not figure out why the GSP estimated us arriving at the hotel in 3 hours instead of ten minutes. It seemed we were driving further into the country side and we thought the GPS must be malfunctioning. We checked and rechecked the destination. I even questioned my daughter to be sure she had not put in Bloomington, ILLINOIS into the GPS destination.

I stopped at a convenience store and got reality. We had flown into Bloomington, ILLINOIS not INDIANA. I checked the ticket and only then recognized that the destination city was followed by IL not IN.

We drove 167 miles to the hotel and changed the ticket to fly out of Indianapolis, with about $300 worth of change fees and drop off charges for the car.

We do hear and see what we expect. Thankfully there was not a Bloomington, Idaho.