While the McCain Feingold bill sought to reduce influence peddling and big money control of politics, it got the problem precisely wrong.

What initiates corportate lobbying is the broader array of federal regulations. Big companies try to influence regulation to restrict their weaker competitors and smaller companies and their trade associations try to influence the regulators to keep the playing field level.

This is why large corporations frequently appear to be so willing to do government’s bidding and often invite regulation, knowing it is a cost its smaller potential competitors can not absorb.

Looking for the most lobbyists? Find the areas of our lives with the most regulations.

Hillary just bypassed our finance laws by writing herself a check from an account she has jointly with her husband who has made millions in speaking fees and board fees from all over the world. (Foreign campaign contributions are strictly illegal.) Politicians will always find a way around money restrictions. What we need is full, rapid and open disclosure. This scares them far more; they will accept restrictions on money as long as they do not have to reveal their sources.