“Raising Arizona”, “Brother Oh Where Art There”, “Fargo,”, “Lady Killers,” and most recently “No Country for Old Men” are a few of the products of these movie geniuses. They combine fascinating stories, rich characters, a wide range of emotions and camera work that clearly leaves their trademark.
Kubrick mastered the movie camera like Picasso mastered canvas. Joel and Ethan have the same magic to make common scenes into masterpieces you could hang on the wall in a museum. “No Country” is just dark, “Fargo” is dark and violent with lighter overtones, the others are largely comedies.
Great stories, fascinating characters, are set in untypical settings: the rural west, the deep south, and the unmistakable accents of the Midwest in “Fargo”.
The Coen brothers have raised the cinematic arts to a new level.