The first animated presidential candidate will win enough ballots to tilt the election.

A new music combining baroque and ska will sweep the nation.

Disney will open a theme park in Bagdad. The Mountain of 72 virgins ride will become an attractive side trip for Muslims making pilgrimage to Mecca.

A breakthrough in fuel technology will make oil companies the short sale candidates of the year.

Higher education will splinter into specialty subject groups linking academic disciplines across campuses and threatening the academic hegemony of the university system.

Secondary education will experiment with individualized instruction and the elimination of grade levels.

The United Nations will have a competitive agency based on peace through democratic and free market principles. The two global agencies for world peace will engage in a fierce competition for global influence and will end in violent conflict like two cheap protection rackets.

Israel will develop a satellite missile shield technology that will track any missile from launch and immediately guide a retaliatory launch to that spot. They will share the technology and become the first country to win a Nobel Prize for World Peace.

Club Med opens in Beirut. Jews aren’t allowed and women must wear burkas. Totally unexpectedly it becomes a tourist haven for Germans.

Family Guy and Southpark Characters will host the Political Party Conventions. Cartman will win an Emmy.