this is a satire-

GOP Moves to Label Roman Empire Genocidal
by Scott Ott · 36 Comments
(2007-10-12) — In the midst of a push by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, to pass a resolution labeling the Ottoman (Turk) Empire genocidal for the death of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915, House Republicans have introduced a bill condemning the Roman Empire for “the wholesale slaughter and domination of most of the known world from about 41 B.C. to 476 A.D.”
Rep. Pelosi, who often refers to her Italian heritage, called the GOP move “nothing short of a hate crime” and “a cynical effort by Republicans to overshadow what could be the first significant accomplishment of the Democrat Congressional majority.”
“The resolution to label the Armenians as victims of a Turkish genocide,” Rep. Pelosi said, “is not meant to antagonize one of our few allies in the middle east, and thus hamper U.S. efforts in Iraq, but is a genuine effort to hold accountable the long-dead perpetrators of this crime. We’re simply doing retroactively what the United Nations would have done if it had existed at the time.”
The Speaker said if the resolution passes, Democrats plan to push for sanctions against the Ottoman Empire, including a ban on sales of cavalry horses, Sopwith Camel fighter biplanes and Zeppelins.

HKO comment- Our current allies, the Saudis, disciminates against women and all other religions but Islam TODAY, there is a genocide in Darfur TODAY, Iran threatens a new genocide TODAY, and denies the worst holocaust TODAY. But our Congress finds it so essential to critize an action 100 years ago against the predecessor government of one of the few Muslim democracies and one of our most important allies in the war on terror that they sacrifice and damage our anti terror efforts. They must enjoy making Ahmenidjad smile as long as they can piss off Bush.