I was walking yesterday and listening to Neal Boortz. Neal is noted to be a bit Libertarian. An e-mail he read expressed dissapointment that he was not supporting the candidacy of Ron Paul, and was allying with the “Likudniks”, a reference to the right wing Israeli party.

Ron Paul has run as a Libertarian and is of course now running as a Republican. He has become the darling candidate of the extreme right wing, anti-semitic groups and white supremecists. This is not to say that Ron Paul is any of those things. In fact I agree on so many of his platform positions, yet I disagree on a few major critical ones.

Personally I believe that the Republicans have lost their way, and sought power in the government rather than the people. They have sacrificed their principles to get votes and ironically have lost support as a result. Ron has done much better than Libertarian candidates have in the past but he will not get the nomination, and he will not beat Hillary. He may likely run as a third party and assure she gets elected.

The loony left will unite around Hillary. The loony right may not unite around the Republican nominee, assuring their defeat.

They are more concerned with who loses than with who wins.