The Republicans wanted to embarass the Democrats by making them go on record refusing to condemn the ad condemning their ad mocking General Patreus. Hillary refused to condemn the ad, and Barak HUSSEIN Obama obstained. Barak said it “was a stunt designed only to score cheap political points.”

Trying to one up this tactic the Democrats led by Harry Reid put together a letter condemning Rush Limbaugh for accusing soldiers who condemn the war phony soldiers, although it was obvious by Rush ‘s actual remarks that he was referring to soldiers who falsely claimed they served in the military when they did not. They were in fact literally “phony” soldiers. Clinton and Obama had no problem signing on to this political stunt along with 37 other Democratic senators.

Rush put the letter on E-bay offering to match whatever it sold for and would contribute all the money to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation ( , which gives education bonds to the children of Marine and law enforcement officials who die in the line of duty.

The letter fetched $2,100,000 this afternoon. Rush tried to get the Senators to also match the E-Bay amount. No takers so far.

I am not a big Rush fan but he certainly outclassed them on this one.