My favorite source of election predictions is, even when I do not like what I observe, which is definitely the case now. check out the predictions at

The current snapshot today:

39% odds Giuliani wins the Republican nomination
25% Romney wins
18% Thomson wins

Since the top two are pro choice and a Mormon, they stand to lose the Christian Right, many preferring to either sit out and let Hillary win rather than support a platform issue that they can not compromise. Add a third party attempt from Ron Paul (who actually ranks higher than McCain at this site) and you have a disaster for the Republicans.

66% odds show Clinton winning the Democratic nomination
12.5 % odds show AL GORE wining, who is not yet even running, and he even beats the
11.4% odds that Barak HUSSEIN Obama wins

46.2% odds that Hillary Wins the Presidential election, seconded by
15.3% odds that Giuliani wins

yet this is the interesting diversion

62.6% odds that the Winner will be a Democrat, (but only 46.2 % odds that it will be Hillary?)

86% odds that the Senate remains in control by Democrats
81% odds that the House remains in Democrat hands

Yes this is only a snapshot and the final elections are far away and it will be interesting to see how this will change in the coming year. There is a lot of time for major trend saving blunders that can mortally wound either side.

Bush I seemed invincible after Desert Storm with nearly a 90% approval rating. Then he lost to Bill Clinton.