Hillary wants to give every newborn American $5,000 at birth. No, she corrected, that was just an idea, not a policy suggestiion.

Now she wants to fund a $1,000 401k matching contribution from the federal government to be paid for by taxing estates greater than $7 million dollars. She claimed that the taxes on a single estate would pay for 5,000 matching contributions. Let’s do the math.

5,000 contributions times $1,000 is $5 million dollars. That would be quite a bite out of a $7,000,000 estate or any estate for that matter. Trusts will be set up to avoid the tax and big estates would choose another country to live in. Bill and Hillary already have trusts set up to hold their book earnings.

This is socialism at its purest. This is Hillary’s arrogance at its worst. At best it is pandering to the “government’s purpose is to give me something for nothing in the name of fairness” crowd. The only thing more disturbing than her history of flauting the law during her period in the White House and on her campaign is the policies she overtly proposes to enact.

It is hard to believe she can not be defeated.

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