You will not find it on Bill Maher’s show, Real Time. Honestly, to hear Bill Maher and Ariana Huffington repeat over and over how incompetent and STUPID George Bush is without any serious discussion about Iraqi policy gets tiresome very quickly. The lone conservative voice, Frank Luntz never could finish a statement before Ariana starts screeching again about how stupid and incompetent George Bush is without any depth or signs of even minimal understanding of the complexities involved; it is only about how stupid George Bush is, and how stupid Americans are for electing him.

When challenged to do more than criticize and suggest a positive alternative, Maher replied that this administration is so icompetent and screwed up that they must focus on just tearing it down before they can implement any positive change. Now that is deep.

I love skeptical challenges to the status quo and intelligent debate, but such smug cynicism posing as entertainment can only be appealing to people who like the taste of their own bathwater.