One of my favorites columnists, Jeff Jacoby with the Boston Globe makes the case of “the worst president” very clear.


Look in the Mirror, Jimmy Carter
By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist May 23, 2007

Christopher Hitchens this week recalled arguing with Eugene McCarthy, a lifelong liberal who had voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980. McCarthy was unapologetic. Carter, he said, “quite simply abdicated the whole responsibility of the presidency while in office. He left the nation at the mercy of its enemies at home and abroad. He was the worst president we ever had.”

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HKO adds:

In addition to his abysmal foreign policy performance Carter also had one of the worst domestic policy histories as well. Do any of my middle age collegues remember 21% prime rates and the gas lines that looped around city blocks as a result of his ‘excess profit tax’ on the oil companies, which he is calling for again? Compare the Carter economy with the boom we are now experiencing in spite of our foreign wars, 911, Katrina, and the Wall Street corruptions Bush faced in office (Enron, World Comm etc.).

Why do we look to this national embarassment as some sort of moral supremecist?