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The Resistance is the Establishment

The belief in a ‘general will’ or the ‘people’s will’ is a myth. It is the calling card of the progressives as well as the socialists and Mussolini’s brand of fascism. We are a collection of interests and factions and the constitution is a system to balance those interests, not to ignore them or oppress them.

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Political Dog Bombers

The left had hoped that their outage would be limited to Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, but Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose also became victims. Roy Moore may have been cock blocked (pun absolutely intended), but so was Al Franken.

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The Essence of Political Wisdom

from ‘Politicized’ by Kevin Williamson in National Review: That is not a bad thing — not necessarily. The Supreme Court, acting in its role as illegitimate superlegislature and scriptural council, from time to time attempts to remove some item of…

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Neutralizing Political Institutions

From The Atlantic, How American Politics Went Insane by Jonathan Rauch Moreover, recent research by the political scientists Jamie L. Carson and Jason M. Roberts finds that party leaders of yore did a better job of encouraging qualified mainstream candidates to challenge…

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