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Mixed Feelings on Russian Hacking

We do not want Russian interference in our elections.  While the intention may be the same, there is a difference between screwing with the voting process itself and selectively hacking, and releasing private information.  The investigation seems focused on the latter.

If the investigation is designed to thwart such future attempts, then it is fruitful; if it just another attempt to delegitimize Trump’s victory then it will only serve to continue the Democrats’ delusions.  Fake news, post truth, the electoral college, Comey’s press releases, and now the Russian hacking all seem to have the express purpose of denying the incompetence of Hillary’s campaign and the resistance to Obama’s policies.

The Democrat’s long slide since 2010 was not the result of Russian interference.  Their loss of the Senate and House was not caused by Russia. Their continuous loss of state legislative bodies and governorships was not of Russian origin.

When Trump won the primary the Hillary camp was elated; this opponent seemed like a slam dunk. But it was not Russia who made her set up a private file server, avoid basic security protocol, disobey basic State Department classification protocol, and engage in ethical conflicts with her foundation.

I doubt it was the Russians who transferred potentially confidential files to the laptop of a pervert, avoided any campaigning in the surprisingly critical states that cost her the election, avoided public rallies in preference to Hollywood and Wall Street elitist fund raisers, and produced that embarrassing video of Hollywood’s lamest activists to influence voters.  The Russians did not ‘mind control’ her into calling half the voters ‘deplorable’.

It wasn’t Putin who pushed Jill Stein with Hillary’s assistance to insist on a recount that increased Donald Trump’s margin; and Putin did not produce that even more desperate attempt from Hollywood’s elite to get electors to betray their pledge.  (More electors abandoned Hillary than Trump- good work Hollywood. Apparently they learned nothing from their failed campaign plea; in this campaign elitism was a big negative.)

There were far greater threats from hacking from China and Russia before the elections and no action was taken.  We tried to exert greater influence into the affairs of Honduras, Israel, and Libya where Hillary bragged about killing a sovereign leader.

We have mixed feelings because the Wikileaks brought us information that was true, but illegally obtained.  Is this worse than the Chinese hacking our government personnel files?  Did these leaks even change that many minds?

The problem of hacking is real and it is not new.  The timing and use of it for partisan purposes devalues its importance and its relevance.

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When Debate is Worthless

from Declination: Do You Want to be Right, or True?

Something changed over time. Call it maturity, or wisdom, or understanding of self. Or call it, as I do, a certain intellectual exhaustion. Whatever it is, I just stopped caring about appearances. I didn’t care to prove myself right, or to prove the other wrong.

I wanted to learn. I wanted to understand. I wanted to know truth — regardless of whether or not anyone believed me. It came to the point that I wanted to be proven wrong, in fact, for that would mean I would have discovered a new truth. My own knowledge would have been expanded. I was still emotionally invested in the outcome, per se, but not in the same manner. If the debate granted me no new knowledge, no new perspectives, it was useless. It was a waste of time. It didn’t matter if I had demolished my opponent’s argument. It was still a nothing.

SJWs are still caught up in the first stage, where everything is about rightness, and not rightness in the sense of truth, but rightness in the sense of appearance, in the sense of acknowledgement from the audience. When a flurry of Twitter tweeters or Facebook posters come in with likes, and messages of solidarity and support, they feel alive, they feel important. Their narcissistic supply is greatly enhanced. But truth doesn’t matter. Knowledge and understanding are irrelevant. To them, a debate is worthless if they do not receive adulation.


Demonization destroys debate.

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Hollowed Out Parties

from John Hawkins, 20 Best Quotes of 2016

my favorite of the list:

 “Disagreement often turns into dehumanization. Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples and judge ourselves by our best intentions.”– George W. Bush

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed…In our society, now it’s just first — who cares, get it out there. We don’t care who it hurts. We don’t care who we destroy. We don’t care if it’s true.” — Denzel Washington

“You don’t know a tree is hollow until you push hard against it and it falls. The establishments of both parties did not know, a year ago, that they were hollow trees. They thought themselves strong because they always had been, and people think what has been true will continue. Then suddenly the tree is pushed and falls. To me that is the symbol, the image of 2016: the hollowed trees and how easily they fell.” — Peggy Noonan

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Kerry’s Orwellian Peace Initiative

from the editors of the Wall Street Journal, Kerry’s Rage Against Israel

We recite this history to show that it’s not for lack of U.S. diplomacy that there is no peace—and that mishandled diplomacy has a way of encouraging Palestinian violence. In 2000 then-President Bill Clinton brought Israeli and Palestinian leaders to Camp David to negotiate a final peace agreement, only to watch Palestinians walk away from an offer that would have granted them a state on nearly all of Gaza and the West Bank. That failure was followed by another Palestinian terror campaign.

Israelis remember this. They remember that they elected leaders—Yitzhak Rabin in 1992, Ehud Barak in 1999, Ehud Olmert in 2006—who made repeated peace overtures to the Palestinians only to be met with violence and rejection.

In his speech, Mr. Kerry went out of his way to personalize his differences with current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claiming he leads the “most right-wing” coalition in Israeli history. But Israelis also remember that Mr. Netanyahu ordered a settlement freeze, and that also brought peace no closer.

The lesson is that Jewish settlements are not the main obstacle to peace. If they were, Gaza would be on its way to becoming the Costa Rica of the Mediterranean. The obstacle is Palestinian rejection of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in any borders. A Secretary of State who wishes to resolve the conflict could have started from that premise, while admonishing the Palestinians that they will never get a state so long as its primary purpose is the destruction of its neighbor.

But the effect of Mr. Kerry’s efforts will be to put it further out of reach. Palestinians will now be emboldened to believe they can get what they want at the U.N. and through public campaigns to boycott Israel without making concessions. Israelis will be convinced that Western assurances of support are insincere and reversible.

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Ratcheting Obstructionism

from Karl Rove in The Wall Street Journal, A Preview of Obama’s Post-Presidency

The GOP’s ability to throw sand was nil in Mr. Obama’s first years. Democrats held massive congressional majorities, and the president marginalized Republicans instead of co-opting them. He dismissed GOP suggestions for his stimulus bill by saying “I won.” While Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee worked toward a possible compromise on health-care legislation, the White House made known that it would not respect any bipartisan agreement they arrived at.

It was only after nearly two years of abuse like this that Mr. McConnell declared in late October 2010 “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” Democrats have already admitted that’s their goal for President-elect Donald Trump.