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Reading 2014 04 17

Shortest Graduation Speech 

I am officially Media 

The New Slavery 

Kahan vs Krugman


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Far More Dangerous Than the Tea Party


From Daniel Greenfield’s excellent blog, Sultan Knish, The Inequality of Access:


A thief is still a thief whether he wears a mask, a suit or a t-shirt with a social justice slogan. When people appoint thieves to steal for them, they shouldn’t be surprised when the thieves also steal from them. As the scorpion said to the frog, “You knew what I was when you let me ride.”

The voters who most depend on government vote to break it far more thoroughly than any Tea Party politicians could. No Republicans could have done to Detroit what Detroit did to Detroit. Not even the most extreme Tea Party politician could have done as much damage to the Federal government as Obama did.

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Reading 2014 04 09

Pro Business or Pro Market

Democrats Fake Problmes

Unpacking Progressivity




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Character and Ideology Counts More than Money

From Barry Casselman- The Prairie Editor

The problem with those self-styled idealists in both
national parties who want to limit the increasing volume
of money in U.S. elections is that they could not, and
cannot, devise legislation which would accomplish their

As we have seen, following the passage of McCain-Feingold,
the so-called “special interests” always find legal ways to
get around the law’s restrictions. Furthermore, the U.S.
supreme court continually has ruled that contributing
financially to a federal political campaign is a form of free
speech, and can be limited only when there is a clear and
present risk of abuse.

One of the most ludicrous and demonstrably false assumptions
made these days, usually promoted by liberals and Democrats,
is that rich persons and corporations are uniformly conservative
and Republican. In fact, most of the “new rich” are liberals and
Democrats. A new study shows that most of the millionaires in
Congress are Democrats. Some of the richest Americans, many
of them billionaires, give exclusively to Democrats and liberal
causes. One hundred years ago, it was true, “big” business and
corporate moguls were almost entirely Republicans, but that has
long ceased to be so. Today, many of America’s richest citizens
and largest corporations create a liberal public image about
their politics, and routinely choose to support “progressive”
and left-leaning candidates over conservative ones. They respond,
furthermore, to politically-correct pressure from the left much
more often than to conservative interests and principles.

The bottom line is that money does not buy most competitive
elections because good candidates from both parties either have
enough resources of their own, or can raise them from their party’s
supporters. Character, personality and ideology still matter more
in most elections.

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The War of the Billionaires

giving Harry Reid a dose of his own medicine:
Koch Network Fires Back at Liberal Billionaires in New Ad

apparently wealth is an evil influence only if it supports the other side.

even more disturbing:

Docs Show Candidate, Chelsea Clinton’s Mother In Law, Turned To Own Charity In Time Of Need

this shows that money in and of itself is neutral- the evil lies in the people who control for their own ends.