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Johnson and Weld

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Hannan on Brexit

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Reading about this tragedy, the shooter was investigated by the FBI twice- once for an outburst in an office, and a second time for contacting a suicide bomber. He bought his guns legally because he was a licensed security guard who worked in federal buildings.  His father was a known vocal supporter of the Taliban.

I do not claim to know what would have been the proper course of action. He is a U.S. Citizen.  But it at least appears that political correctness averted more effective action.

A couple more of these and the backlash will be hard to contain. It is already happening in Europe.  And while I do not fall for the trope that all Muslims are to blame, it behooves the moderates to very aggressively clean up the support the radicals get from within their   Mosque walls.

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Randoms 2016 06 09


Every time I hear of a movement to “throw the bums” out, it usually means throwing the other bums out but leave my bum alone.  (The double entendre is not lost on me.)

It also appears that conservative bums are thrown out much quicker than liberal bums. I believe we are witnessing that in this election, but it is too soon to tell.

Most of us hate being interrupted.  I have learned to freeze my thought and not return to the subject unless the listener asks me to.  If they do not ask then they were not interested in what you had to say anyway.   Stephen Covery accurately noted that most people listen with the express purpose to reply, not to understand.

I find it rude if it happens a lot, and avoid further contacts with such folks.

On the other side, get to the point. Most of the time an introduction to a point is not needed.

Writing serves to both clarify and expand.  It is interesting how many times I start with one point and mutate to another.

While the blogosphere has a long tail and allows one to explore an idea with some depth, it removes the discipline of editing content that the print medium requires. There is a tendency to write to what is trending rather than to take a new course.

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The Triumph of Faith in the State


from Mona Charen at National Review – Reaganism is Dead

“This is the end of Reaganism,” former Senator Tom Coburn, a conservative hero, told me. The three-legged stool of strong defense, small government, and conservatism on social issues has been smashed. Republicans, or at least a plurality of Republican primary voters, no longer distrust government per se, they simply distrust this government. They dislike Obama and the Republican leadership. But they’re ready to believe that an outsider will be able to bring his annealing touch to the economy, to the culture, and to national greatness. If a Republican politician today were to tell the joke about “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” — a reliable punch line in the Reagan repertoire — he or she would be greeted by incomprehension. This is a signal victory for the Left: The triumph of faith in the state. Trumpites are reprising Obama’s “Yes We Can” with a new lead.

Republican politicians cannot rely on the healthy skepticism about government that was once woven into the fabric of the party. People used to know that bigger government enables more corruption, that the mediating institutions of society such as family, church, and community organizations are better at nearly every task than bureaucracies, and that government undermines these institutions when it expands too much.