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Racial Latte


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Blind Man Driving

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Reading 2015 02 25

Charge: ‘Clintons turned the State Department into a racket to line their own pockets’

How Can The Middle Class Be Saved? It’s Not An Easy Job

How Media Bias Censors the Debate on Climate Change -

The Secular Religion of the Left

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Middle Class Squeeze

from 15 Statistics That Destroy Liberal Narratives by John Hawkins in Townhall:

Sentier Research, a firm led by former census officials, used census data to tabulate an estimate of the median household income — how much is earned by families at the exact middle of the nation’s income distribution. In June 2014, it found in a report issued Wednesday, the median household income was $53,891, down from $55,589 in inflation-adjusted dollars when the economic expansion began in June 2009. The economic paradox isn’t much of a paradox at all in this light: The purchasing power of the typical American family is 3.1 percent lower now than it was five years ago. No wonder people are unhappy about the economy! The benefits of rising levels of economic activity have simply not accrued to middle-income wage earners. – Neil Irwin

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Venn Diagram of Murder



from Carpe Diem