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Rebel Yid’s First Law

The more that the consensus is intolerant of dissent, the more likely it is to be wrong.

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Weasel in Chief

The Abandoned War

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A Record Cool Summer in the US

From Real Science,

Coolest Summer On Record In The US




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Why Are The Clinton’s So Uncomfortable with their Wealth?

“Let’s face it, Bill And I are not that well-off.”

“We were dead broke when we left Washington.”

Pulling in $200,000 per speech and amassing a combined wealth of over $100 million, Hillary still tries to convince us she is one of us?

She is caught between a sense of entitlement and a sense of guilt.

Those who earn their money are not ashamed of it.  Warren Buffet may attribute much of his success to luck but he doesn’t run from it and never complained of being poor, even though he lives in the same house he built in 1958, albeit with a few additions.

Other captains of capitalism from Bill Gates at Microsoft to Sergi Brin at Google are proud of their accomplishments, but never run from the fact that they are fabulously wealthy.

Part of Hillary’s embarrassment is that attacking the wealthy in her political life has to leave her with some sense of guilt.  Maybe it’s the fact that she can earn such princely sums without creating a product or a service  or a job, or in any way increasing the productivity in our economy.  Maybe it’s the suspicion that such enormous speaking fees are just down payments for political bribery, that ends the day she formally announces her candidacy.

Perhaps she is just benefitting from her status as a political celebrity.  Perhaps.

But she likely feels entitled to her fees, and is very representative of the new political class that believes wealth is created by the central government; that serving the government has taken priority over elected representatives serving the people.

Her daughter, Chelsea, also stated she isn’t motivated by money.  Is boorishness hereditary?

But the real estate agent who sold her a $10 million penthouse in New York was so motivated and so were the various suppliers to her $3 million wedding.  I even bet Vera Wang did not donate the $20,000 wedding gown.  And the only reason Chelsea probably accepts the $600,000 from NBC for a mostly no show job is so she will have a public platform to tell everybody how she is not motivated by money.

Those who inherit big money or win the lottery may not have earned it but they usually have the civil decency to shut up about it.