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When Debate is Worthless

from Declination: Do You Want to be Right, or True? Something changed over time. Call it maturity, or wisdom, or understanding of self. Or call it, as I do, a certain intellectual exhaustion. Whatever it is, I just stopped caring about…

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Of Gophers and Progressivism

Henry Oliner 2016.01.25 I recall years ago, reading a marketing newsletter call Towers about focus.  The author whose name I do not recall advised to spend 20 minutes a day reading on a narrowly focused and defined topic so that…

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A Different Continuum

This entry marks post # 2,000 on Rebel Yid. When Erick Erickson of Red State spoke at my Rotary Club  in Macon, Ga. 5 years ago, I had no idea what a blog was.  I had filled several notebooks with…

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Life Imitates Art

My first wife, Renee, died in 1995. In the 1980’s she played a very small part in the Neil Simon movie, The Slugger’s Wife, starring Michael O’Keefe and Rebecca de Mornay. Renee was one of the baseball player’s wives and…

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Three Common Waitress Flaws

I appreciate a good waiter or waitress, but here are my most common peaves: Gets too familiar. Too friendly to the point of intruding on the relationship with your fellow diner. I appreciate the service, but if there is going…

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Blog Number 101

Consistency is not one of my better virtues, but this marks my 101st entry to my Rebel Yid Blog. Entering the universe of the bloggers has been very educational, especially for a man in his advanced youth (some prefer to…

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