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A Different Continuum

This entry marks post # 2,000 on Rebel Yid.

When Erick Erickson of Red State spoke at my Rotary Club  in Macon, Ga. 5 years ago, I had no idea what a blog was.  I had filled several notebooks with thoughts and quotes, and the idea of a blog just seemed like a public notebook.  I read a good bit and I find that writing compelling passages from those books and articles clarifies the subjects greatly.  Occasionally I find an opportunity to synthesize a new idea from two or more seemingly unrelated ideas and I consider that the intellectual jackpot.

Along the way I discovered several interesting blogs such as Mark Perry’s Carpe Diem, The Complete Spengler in The Asian Times, and others listed on the recommended links .  There are also many blogs written by much less well known bloggers.  I continue to find new and interesting writers and compilers regularly.

I have also written about 30 articles and postings for American Thinker.  I have been grateful for the quality and depth of some of the comments from the readers at AT as well as the readers of Rebel Yid, both at my blog and on my Facebook Fanpage.  I have noted that some bloggers have stopped taking reader’s comments because they just became rude and angry.  I have learned to stop arguing with such and just delete them .  Intelligent and civil criticism is welcomed.  Sarcasm and cynicism is deemed intelligence in much of the media, but not here.

Occasionally I get challenged on the position “Beyond left and right”.  I realize that much  of my opinion and focus is deemed to be conservative,  but I stand by my position statement for two reasons.  The ideas must stand on their own merit.  They are not good because they are conservative or liberal.  I have had supposedly intelligent people who claimed to be open minded who would not consider an idea unless they knew the source.

Secondly, I do not think that either party has a monopoly on good economic policy.  There are many ideas supported by the Right that I oppose, though few that I oppose as strongly as so many of the policies of this administration.

At the end of the Issacson biography of Steve Jobs, the Apple icon criticized Rupert Murdoch personally about Fox News.  He noted that the continuum is not from the left to the right, but from the constructive to the destructive.  Jobs also met with Obama and explained how regulation was choking business and how outdated our school system was.

I like some on Fox such as Neil Cavuto, and I dislike others such as Glenn Beck.  And I am sure I would find strong disagreement with many over what is considered destructive.  I think that inflating housing prices while we put people in homes they could not afford was incredibly destructive. It was considered a very constructive policy by its proponents from both parties for decades.   Paying people for 99 weeks not to work, centralizing the health care economy, and many poorly thought out regulations are also destructive, though their proponents would likely disagree.

Thanks to all the readers.  And especially thanks to all the comments. (Well, most of them.)  I appreciate you sharing your interest with your Facebook friends.

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Life Imitates Art

My first wife, Renee, died in 1995. In the 1980′s she played a very small part in the Neil Simon movie, The Slugger’s Wife, starring Michael O’Keefe and Rebecca de Mornay. Renee was one of the baseball player’s wives and sat in the box next to de Mornay; she maybe got 15 seconds of screen time.

In the movie Michael O’Keefe plays a baseball star who marries a singer named Debbie-which happens to describe my second wife.

Just a little coincidence.

You can hear wife number 2 sing at the Shamrock during Bragg Jam on July 25 at 10:00 AM with the Back Spasms featuring her eternally juvenile husband on guitar. Joey Stuckey, Jimmy Gaudet and the rest of the band will be there and we have added a great saxophone player.

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Three Common Waitress Flaws

I appreciate a good waiter or waitress, but here are my most common peaves:

Gets too familiar. Too friendly to the point of intruding on the relationship with your fellow diner. I appreciate the service, but if there is going to be a relationship here, be sure the customer starts it.

Too many interruptions. I do not need to be checked on every 3 minutes. If I am eating and there is food in my mouth and my glass is full, leave me alone. Ask me if I have everything I need and maybe check back once during the meal and if my glass is more than half empty. If I am engaged in a conversation or even worse just shy of the punch line in a joke, do not interupt me and just ask if everything is all right. Everything was allright, but now you just ruined my punchline and story, dammit!

Where is my check?. It’s lunch and I need to get back to the office. I am long finished eating and my waitress has dissappeared like beer at a barbeque. It seems that the waittress that interrupts the most is the hardest to find when you are ready to pay and leave.

A good waiter or waitress is friendly, helpful, and non intrusive.

tips to Kimberly for the suggestion

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Blog Number 101

Consistency is not one of my better virtues, but this marks my 101st entry to my Rebel Yid Blog. Entering the universe of the bloggers has been very educational, especially for a man in his advanced youth (some prefer to call it middle age- screw them!)

There are over 24,000,000 bloggers and about 70,000 new ones daily according to Thomas Friedman in “The World is Flat”. I have less than 300 readers but occasionally I trip and cover something either unique, or witty or just something that pisses someone off and more people read it as it gets passed around. Maybe one day it will hit a tipping point and I will become an unpaid internet blogging star. Probably not.

But writing clarifies things for me and that is why I do it. My lovely wife Debbie is less than impressed, but this way she does not have to listen to me think out loud and fear that we may one day wake up in a cardboard box on the street laughing at philosophical jokes no one understands.

One cow says to another cow,” So what do you think about this mad cow disease?”
The other cow says, “What do I care, I’m a helicopter.”
A customer in restaurant asks, “How do you prepare your chickens?”
Cook, “Oh, nothing really special. We just tell them they are gonna die.”
(From Plato and Platypus Walk into a Bar…)

ready for 100 more?