Eclectic Taste

Drinking margaritas and smoking a few cubans (cigars) by the beach in Freeport, Bahamas last week I got to read and explore the recent downloads on the iPod.

1. Solitary Man by H.I.M- A thrashing metal version of the Neil Diamond Classic. Heresy to some, but I liked it even after the drinks wore off.

2. Dream On by Kelly Sweet- my wife found this. A hauntingly beautiful rendition of the Aerosmith Classic.

3. Ask Around for You by Joe Bonamasa – just a great blues tune by one of my favorite blues guitarists.

it will be hard to return to real work.

My Daughter’s Music

Some of the stuff the teenagers are listening to that I liked:

1. Cherry Red by The Static Age

2. Fame by Fall Out Boy- it rocks

3. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie- gotta love the band’s name. The only cut she likes from an otherwise ‘emo’ band.

Three Piano Jazz Masterpieces

If you like jazz piano:

1. Stolen Moments- by Ahmad Jamal- Jazz classic masterfully played with taste supreme.

2. Honeysuckle Rose- by Oscar Peterson. Solo piano version of the classic. Compare it to the older version by Erroll Garner

3. Giant Steps – by McCoy Tyner- One of the most impressively written jazz compositions ever, played solo by the percussive hands of Tyner.

The talent of these players is practically spiritual. Download them. You will be glad you did.