Adjusting the Facts


From National Review Online, Jeremy Carl writes Liberal Denial on Climate Change and Energy.


Taken as a whole, the Golden State poll suggests that many liberals have a deeply ideological view of energy and climate and policy, one in which certain “truths” must be accepted to show one’s moral virtue while genuinely inconvenient truths are ignored. Conservatives, always appropriately skeptical of liberal utopianism, have reacted against that by redoubling their skepticism. While the media and liberal politicians attack them, conservatives know that it is hard to have a rational argument with a fanatic about the subject of his fanaticism.


When facts contradict theory the scientist adjusts his theory; the ideologue tries to edit, rationalize or adjust the facts.;

Gore’s Religion

I am no scientist. I can find scientists who can explain that global warming is a problem and I can just as easily find scientists who say it is not. Lately it seems easier to find scientists who doubt that it is.

Al Gore, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow ( and her single square of toilet paper), Sting and all of the other rock stars in gas guzzling limousines and private jets are not scientists either. Gore’s rant extolling his environmental apocalypse as a perfect ideal to unify the world and chastising anyone who doubts the global warming dogma clearly smells more like religious indoctrination than any true scientific question or discussion.

The world of science doesn’t care whether the principle or the facts unify the world or not; just because a bunch of people believe it does not make it true. Science must stand on its own merits. Science does not have left or right wing scientists, it only has good and bad science; valid and invalid. But people will still believe what they want to believe.

Second only to the questionable validity of the global warming argument, which few pundits on either side are qualified to argue; the biggest reason to doubt the global warming mongers is that its loudest proponents have such little credibility.