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The Rest of the Apple

Upgrades tend to use more power as new features are introduced. To conserve the battery power of older phones, Apple reduced the processing speed, assuming a small difference in processing speed would be more tolerable and less noticeable than a battery that drained too quickly.  This is hardly the sinister motive or forced obsolescence the conspiracy mongers attribute.

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An Economy of Trust

In a few previous posts I explored the dynamic of new commercial enterprises like Uber (read Uber Libertarians in American Thinker)  that defied the ability of the regulatory state to deal with the rapid development of very large commercial communities.…

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The Modern Source of Abusive Power

From The National Review George Will writes Government for the Strongest and Richest Intellectually undemanding progressives, excited by the likes of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) — advocate of the downtrodden and the Export-Import Bank — have at last noticed…

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A Lack Of Imagination

From Today’s American Thinker, my article Uber Libertarians Excerpt: There are similar commercial communities among iPhone users, Amazon customers, and other enterprises.  Such modern businesses scale up remarkably fast, creating huge commercial communities, quickly threatening the regulatory agencies, and empowering…

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Rolex and Timex

Kevin Williamson writes in National Review, Who Boycotts Walmart Excerpts: It is easy to scoff, but I am ready to start taking the social-justice warriors’ insipid rhetoric seriously — as soon as two things happen: First, I want to hear…

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