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NATO and Trump

“The idea that international institutions, built on the blood-stained rubble of two world wars, must give way to some glorious new era of nationalism is inflaming the minds of people across the West. It’s a very weird epidemic of Year Zero thinking on a global level. “

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Rahm and Bruce

From the Wall Street Journal Political Diary– White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has led a charmed political life. Prior to his current gig, Mr. Emanuel was a senior political aide to President Clinton, a Congressman from Chicago and…

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The Carter Axiom

Jimmy Carter rode to the White House on a wave of opportunity created by the disenchantment with the Viet Nam war, the disgrace of the Nixon White House, the rising fuel prices from the OPEC led oil embargo, the high…

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A Legend in His Own Mind

When Bill Clinton was elected he was soon called by Jimmy Carter, reaching out as the last elected Democratic President, offering his services to take on assignments for his successor. Clinton wanted to distance himself from Carter as much as…

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