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Beware the Alternate Left


Al Sharpton’s incitement in Crown Heights in 1991 caused a pogrom in New York with several Jews attacked and one, Yankel Rosenbaum, killed. Another was killed who was thought to be Jewish, but was not. After a young black man, Gavin Cato, was accidently hit and killed by a car with a Jewish driver, blacks rioted, one saying,  “Let’s go to Kingston Avenue and get a Jew!”. At the funeral Sharpton referred to the “diamond dealers.”

And of course we remember Jesse Jackson’s reference to New York City as “Hymietown”.

Al Sharpton was rewarded with his own show on MSNBC and Jesse Jackson became an advisor to presidents.

The left has tolerated anti-Semitic speech on campuses for years.  It was excused as a right of free speech and the need for tolerance. The only group not entitled to a safe space were the Jews on campus.

The Occupy Wall Street movement had several instances of blatant anti-Semitism, but it was discounted as the mere rantings of an unrepresentative few.

Alan Dershowitz and Ruth Wisse have both noted that anti-Semitism, often thinly veiled as anti-Zionism, has found a much greater reception on the left than the right.

Yet when a few hundred from the newly labeled Alternate Right display their venom in public it is front page news and the calls for Trump and his minions to be held accountable are repeated ad nauseam. When he does disavow them they still hammer for a stronger statement.

The Trump presidency is the most Jewish in history; his son in law Jared Kushner, an orthodox Jew, was instrumental in his campaign success.  Trump has Jewish grandchildren. This attempt to hold Trump responsible for a handful of anti-Semites who supported him is absurd. Such hypocrisy and contempt from the left drove many to support Trump.

It is the Alternate Left the Jews have more to fear from and their numbers are far greater.  Who will be held accountable for them?

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The Night Of Broken Glass

November 8 and 9  is the anniversary of  Kristallnacht (literally “Crystal night”) or the “Night of Broken Glass”.  In 1938 “99 Jews were murdered and 25,000 to 30,000 were arrested and placed in concentration camps.  267 synagogues were destroyed and thousands of homes and businesses were ransacked. This was done by the Hitler Youth, Gestapo, SS and SA.Kristallnacht also served as a pretext and a means for the wholesale confiscation of firearms from German Jews.”

The premise was “the assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a German-born Polish Jew.”

This pogram foreshadowed the German war against the Jews, though they had been stripped of common rights before this event. “Kristallnacht also marked a turning point in relations between Nazi Germany and the rest of the world. The brutality of the program and the Nazi government’s deliberate policy of encouraging the violence once it had begun, laid bare the repressive nature and widespread anti-Semitism entrenched in Germany, and turned world opinion sharply against the Nazi regime, with some politicians even calling for war.” The United States recalled its ambassador but maintained diplomatic relations.

November 10 was Martin Luther’s birthday. Martin Luther had called for the burning of synagogues hundreds of years before and some Protestant clergy use his writings to justify the horrendous action.

Some synagogues have been recently rebuilt.

quotes from Wikipedia

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The Real Victim of Hate


from Bret Stephens in The Wall Street Journal,  The Meaning of An Olympic Snub:

In his essay, Mr. Johnson called anti-Semitism a “highly infectious” disease capable of becoming “endemic in certain localities and societies,” and “by no means confined to weak, feeble or commonplace intellects.” Anti-Semitism may be irrational, but its potency, he noted, lies in transforming a personal and instinctive irrationalism into a political and systematic one. For the Jew-hater, every crime has the same culprit and every problem has the same solution.

Anti-Semitism makes the world seem easy. In doing so, it condemns the anti-Semite to a permanent darkness.

Today there is no great university in the Arab world, no serious indigenous scientific base, a stunted literary culture. In 2015 the U.S. Patent Office reported 3,804 patents from Israel, as compared with 364 from Saudi Arabia, 56 from the United Arab Emirates, and 30 from Egypt. The mistreatment and expulsion of Jews has served as a template for the persecution and displacement of other religious minorities: Christians, Yazidis, the Baha’i.

So long as an Arab athlete can’t pay his Israeli opposite the courtesy of a handshake, the disease of the Arab mind and the misfortunes of its world will continue. For Israel, this is a pity. For the Arabs, it’s a calamity. The hater always suffers more than the object of his hatred.

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Mutated Hate



from George Will, In Britain Anti-Semitism Endures

“It is very easy to hate,” says Sacks. “It is very difficult to justify hate.” Anti-Semitism’s permutations adapt it to changing needs for justification. In the Middle Ages, he says, Jews were hated for their religion. In the 19th and 20th centuries, they were hated for their race. Now they are hated for their nation. “The new anti-Semitism can always say it is not the old anti-Semitism.”

But it is. It remains, Sacks says, “essentially eliminationist.” It disguises its genocidal viciousness, insisting that it seeks the destruction not of a people but only of the state formed as a haven for this people that has had a uniquely hazardous history. The international “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement, supported by many American academics, aims not just to pressure Israel to change policies, as South Africa was pressured to abandon apartheid, but rather to de-legitimize Israel’s existence as a nation.

Sacks says that when bad things happen to a healthy society, it asks: What did we do wrong? A fraying, insecure society asks: Who did this to us? Sacks notes that although Jews were never more than 2 percent of Germany’s population, this did not protect them from becoming the explanation for Germany’s discontents.

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The Ultimate Negative Campaign


from Ruth Wisse at the Wall Street Journal, March Madness, the Anti-Semite Bracket

The agents of anti-Semitism are anti-Semites, and unless they become the object of scrutiny, the belligerents will achieve their goal. Blaming Israel for the suffering of Palestinian Arabs is first and foremost a strategy of deflection, intended to divert attention from dysfunction in Arab and Muslim societies. So it does. Where are the campus rallies for women’s rights in Islam, relief efforts for Syrian refugees, vigils for Christian victims of Islamic State? Where is the outrage of historians, archaeologists and anthropologists at the destruction by radical Muslims of ancient monuments and of indigenous societies that are presumably theirs to defend?

University administrations and faculties have been complicit in allowing anti-Jewish politics to subsume other forms of racism and to flourish in their place. Administrators hypocritically invoke free speech in defense of faculty members who provide an ostensibly “academic” rationale for opposition to Israel. By now, entire disciplines use their academic conferences to attack the Jewish state. Campus anti-Israel coalitions exploit freedom of speech and assembly to assail the only Middle Eastern country that guarantees those freedoms. When will educators confront and expose this degenerate corruption of their institutions and their calling?

Israel is in every exemplary sense a “startup nation,” but touting its positive qualities cannot win against the tactics of Israeli Apartheid Week and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The current U.S. election campaign has made plain the greater power of negative campaigning over even the best-articulated positive ideas. Anti-Semitism is the ultimate negative campaign. It flourishes because onlookers who think they have no stake in the conflict choose not to face down the belligerents and because we have not seriously sought an antidote. If Western society had paid the same minuscule attention to infectious diseases as it does to pandemics of anti-Semitism, tens of millions would still be dying of cholera and bubonic plague.