Why Read Rebel Yid

“Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed sheep.” HO

Bloggers are simply curators or writers bringing perspectives and views to the table.  My reading focuses on history, economics and politics in that order.  Politics without the other two quickly degenerates into populism.

Politics is where economics and philosophy hit the pavement. I read and filter out the best and most illuminating and interesting viewpoints. I usually post excerpts and encourage you to read the entire article. I try to keep the posts short and readable.

Occasionally I am able to synthesize other views into an original thought. For me this is the jackpot. I post original content and usually add comments to excerpts from other writers.

I also include excerpts from great books, old and new with creative views and analysis.

I am a Main Street Capitalist, and a constitutional conservative, and fairly liberal on the social issues. Some would say a libertarian, but I would say a limited libertarian; I understand the need for certain regulations and some global presence.  I am also a Zionist.

For the last few years I have focused on the Progressive era and its extension to our current debate.  In my view our political tension is between the expanded state of Progressivism and the Constitutional restraint on government power; the tension between Democracy and Liberty.

I worked as an owner and an executive in the steel industry for 40 years and bring some mix of business experience to the table.

Why read Rebel Yid?  You will get a different mix of ideas than you usually find on the blogosphere.  If you value them, then I invite you to like the Facebook page and I always welcome intelligent and thoughtful comments.

I have also contributed to American Thinker.  You can find my articles on their site here.

Henry Oliner