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Are Property Taxes Regressive?

The contest between the sales tax and the property tax obscures the true problem: a government that spends too much and tries to hide from its responsibilities with these shell games.

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The Progressive Inception

Clarity in words and thoughts decay over time.  When opposing views retain respect for the same words and principles, those ideas become ripe for interpretation, transposed to meet our current personal and political objectives as much as we may profess fidelity to its conception.

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The Tucker Carlson Debate

“It’s not the free market that is financializing the American economy and empowering Wall Street’s leveraged buyouts of American businesses. It’s the federal government’s preferential tax treatment of corporate debt and guarantee of “too big to fail” bailouts.”

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The Heart of Populism

Populism on the right has risen from the neglect of the values that uphold the market and lack of recognition of the market’s effect on our social values.

Populism on the left has risen from an unfulfilled promise of more democracy and then frustrating it with the administrative state, executive orders and judicial decrees.

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Killing Art

“Political correctness is the enemy of art. Self-censorship is a killer of art. Censorship applied from outside, through organized pressure, is an assassination of art.”

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